About Us

What is Elements?

Elements stands for natural handcrafted interior from quality materials with a plain elegant light style. all made in our own factories.

We began with a small shop in Jakarta where we started selling our own collection of furniture and accessories.

A year later we’re proudly selling our growing range of products through our shops and also outfitting cafes, restaurants, hotels and beach clubs all over Indonesia, exporting our products and franchising the concept to Europe, the US, Japan and Australia.

Whether you’re interested in our collection, would like to furnish or decorate your own home, or want to work on the interiors of larger projects, such as shops, apartments, cafes, beach clubs or hotels, drop by at one of our outlets, check out our website or contact us directly by phone or mail

Looking forward to seeing you at Elements!




Product and Process

Making a product starts with buying the raw materials ourselves, whether it is teak, rattan, bamboo, clay, iron or brass.
In short we take every step in the development and production process,
from selection of raw material to delivery to the customer.

This is how we can control our own quality, customize all kinds of interior, expand our own range of materials and products,
and keep the prices at an affordable level.

The materials are processed in our factories and workshops. Everything is handmade, so each pieces has a character of its own.
The slight imperfections gives each pieces its human touch and is therefore, in our view, attractive and perfect.



Bastiaan Spil started Elements in early 2015.
With the dedication and skills of the people on the production, development and retail side it has been possible to make it what it is now.

Below is an impression of Elements and the materials, craftmanship and proceess behind it.

About Uselements