Our values

Our values describe our beliefs in what the brand is and how we work. They form a strong guideline in every step we take.


Elements Concept Interior is craftsmanship. Meaning our furniture is made by hand, using skills that have been passed on from generation to generation. After the products are designed by Bastiaan, the prototypes are developed and then handed over to the craftsmen and women who craft the products in their own villages. Every item is bent, woven, carved, moulded into a final product by men and women that know exactly how to handle the materials. Elements Concept Interior products are made with devotion and a clear goal. This gives each single product a story and personality which will add something to your home that you can truly treasure.

Natural materials

Elements Concept Interior focuses on local, sustainable natural materials in all its designs. Rattan, bamboo, clay, natural stone, banana leaves and rafia are among the materials that make up our products. To create a more dynamic design, various materials are often combined into one product. The combination of the light designs, the natural materials and the rich heritage of these crafts give each item its character.


Growing up around Indonesian craftsmanship, Bastiaan strongly believes that you need to make a product at the source where the knowledge and the heritage is present. This means working with the regional crafts, using local materials to get the finest and most authentic products. Soaking up the culture and environment and interacting with the local craftsmen leads to fresh ideas and new designs.


Life already poses so many challenges and can be tough, and sometimes heavy and full of its own daily tribulations. A home is supposed to be your own oasis, where you can feel safe. A place where you can be yourself, regain your strength and rest. Our furniture gives your home a light and neutral atmosphere. It gives character to your oasis but it does not scream for attention by being too loud or drawing too much attention.