We have developed and produced interior for a broad number of inspiring projects ranging from hotels, cafes, restaurants and beach clubs. Along with our own expanding collection we have at least 25 years of experience in making customized products. With our own development and production facilities, our experience and the enormous variety of materials and the possible material combina- tions, the options are limitless to create the products in the style you want. If you share similar aesthetical and brand values with us we could create synergy by collaborating. If you think our collection and story fits your project and you would like to work together, be it on a small or large project, then feel free to reach out to us!

Potato Head

Potatohead has gained international recognition for their creative and stylish endeavors. From their restaurants to their beach clubs they combine ethnic with modern and even retro to strike a harmonious chord between hip and artistic. We developed a large scale of customized products for their new hotels and their beach club.

Monks Cafe

Monks has done a great job in blending Elements furniture into their stylish, urban cafe. A good combination of concrete, iron, rattan and coffee beans.

Mister Sunday

Fergie and Yusuf built this place from the ground on up, creating a space for their office, their own cafe/restaurant (Mister Sunday) and their own home. It’s an awesome industrial space with a good dose of light colored wood and genuine leather and selected accessories to balance out the hard concrete with these natural materials. These guys have taste in interior and food. Definitely a place to check out, especially on a Sunday!

Kilo Lounge

Kilo lounge has made quite a name for their fine dining and stylish design. For their Singapore branch we’ve developed and produced sophisticated interior.

Merci Marcel

Food, drinks, coffee, cocktails and events, Merci Marcel has branches that provide the ideal locations for these enterprises. What they all have in common is a bright classy interior. We’re proud to be part of their collection of seating and accessories.

Cafe Utu

Singapore’s uniquely African café and lounge celebrating the diverse flavors and dishes from a vast and culinary exciting continent. The dynamic colors, natural tones and exotic dishses has turned this cafe into one of the most Instagrammable cafes in Singapore.

Social House Izmaya

For Izmaya group’s Social House we made large multicolored rat tan panels to cover their walls and give natural funk to their new Restaurant and Wine bar.

Monopoli Hotel

Right in the heart of South Jakarta, Monopoli has become a boutique hotel with a character of its own where one can sleep in one of the funky rooms for a surprising- ly affordable rate, have dinner in the stylish restaurant or party on the roof at the Moon cafe. Awesome!